What Are Shadow People?

This post is written by investigator Sharon Day.

Shadow people, a phenomenon reported more in the past several decades than prior times. What is up with that? 

First, let’s describe shadow people. They are seen often out of the corner of the eye as they move. They are reported mostly as around 3-feet tall, completely black without detail, and human shaped. When one turns their head and manages to see it straight on, it seems to startle and disappear.

Baffling mystery, hmm?

People assume because they are dark and skulking that they are demons or evil or noncorporeals.

I will not debate people’s beliefs, but beliefs should come after studying evidence, not before. 

So, what we’re seeing here is something that thinks we don’t see them. When we catch them out of the corner of our eye and manage to see them straight on, they get scared and disappear.

They apparently thought they were getting around fine without us noticing.

So, what the frag are they?

My theory involves a 3-dimensional shadow. 

As no details translate but they are utterly devoid of detail yet solid appearing (if you hit with a camera focusing beam, it shows them to have surface), then they are “black hole” of sort in which details do not translate, only their shape. A 3-dimensional shadow.
Why are we seeing them now? Some say it’s fast refreshing screens making our eyes more trained to see other dimensionals. 

My guess is that they are simply interacting more within our dimension. You can walk past a 2-D photo on the wall and never touch it, but what if you decided to start touching it???

We may chase a person’s 2-dimensional shadow but we do not get the person unless we find the place where that shadow and the person meet….

Interesting, huh? 

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  1. Reyna Lucero says:

    First off always been inquisitive and open to the possibility of the unexplained things that go bump in the night but have never wished to witness or have had my own experience until recently.
    Now it may be coincidental or an overreaction, on my birthday April 13th, which this year happened to fall on Friday (Friday the 13th, I know). Well my birthday was just one stroke of bad luck after the other.. that morning I woke out of a deep sleep and for whatever reason I glanced at the time.. 3:33am, didn’t think anything of it until my day progressed.
    No more than two hours later (around 5:30-6:00am) I glance at my phone for what seemed like the 4th time and have somehow missed not one but six calls from my bf, when I do finally get to speak with him, he tells me he suffered a tire blow out on his way to work (20minutes away), without tools and needs to be rescued. Ugh! I manage to pick him up and screach my way into work. Fast forward to around 2:00 pm, the car gets fixed and bright back home, somehow between running around we manage to lock my car keys and his car keys (that have my spare on them -_-) in my car.. great!.. luckily I had more than one spare made. So now just last night I had a vivid and rather unsettling dream of a shadow person that seemed to me to be that of an unknown male with a short Boulder hat and suit just standing to the side of my bed, I jerked in my dream, trying to get away I assume and when I woke, I was on the opposite side of my bed (facing the wall) not even faced in the direction of the figure in my dream. To top it off a tension headache soon set in and has yet to fade away…


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