Stanton, Arizona – Where Activity Never Ceases- NEW EVIDENCE

By Jim Kelly


We have been writing about this place for quite a while now. We labeled this our Frankenstein building located in an isolated mining community in Stanton, AZ because of the continued activity that it seems to be producing. We are just a little bit closer to finding out why it produces so much activity. Here is an update.

I was introduced to this private mining location from investigator James Brennan in the summer of 2015. This is located in central Arizona, deep in the desert.

We are trying not to disclose the location of this building to protect it while we study it. On my first investigation to this location I was told there had been very little activity captured. If fact, most investigators were simply ignoring it choosing other small structures close by. I decided to try my luck since it was by itself, away from the other areas of interest.


There were three of us conducting a controlled EVP session when the atmosphere suddenly changed. One investigator heard a noise just down the hallway in the back where two small rooms were located. We all decided to walk down the short hallway and continue the EVP session. When you look at the photo below remember that I had placed an omni directional microphone in the metal chair in the right center of this photograph while I placed another control recorder on top of the small television on the top left of the photo.

Jarvis location (2)

This is what we captured on the recording device in the metal chair. The EVP is saying “It’s Jarvis. It’s Jarvis.” click on the audio file below:


When I checked the other recorder on top of the television set the same EVP was captured yet it was lower in volume and the pace of the voice was quicker than the other file. Both recorders were set at the same volume level and were the same brand of recorder. Click on the file below hear that:




This happens when EVP is imprinted on other recorders nearby. It distorts as it travels across the room. Once again, more evidence that directly goes against what the skeptical and scientific community will tell you about EVP. I am studying and tracking EVP imprint as part of my research.

In another investigation at the building a few month later. We captured another EVP during a two man controlled EVP session.
You will hear me ask: “ Is there a female in here?” Then you will hear a loud “No” that interrupts my line of questioning at 6 seconds on the clip. This EVP was captured on all of the recorders in the room but did not distort. Click on the audio file below:


Here is a slowed version of the “No” response below if you had trouble hearing it.


The same investigator was with me on this evening captured this next strange piece of evidence in the same building. She was sitting in front of me using an SLS camera. She first began to feel her hair being stroked then captured a figure that slithered into the floor. She then felt as though something jumped on to her the exact same moment a REM Pod detector started to sound. Here is the video clip in its entirety:



This next piece of video evidence was captured in the same building  on October 28th, 2017.

This is a controlled EVP session. You will hear the investigator ask a question, then get a disembodied response at the 38 second mark. Turn up your speakers. It’s very faint.





In case you could not hear it on the video, here is the loudest audio file we captured in the upper right area on the video. Disembodied voice at 13 seconds on the file. Click on the file below:




We also witnessed a moving bar-bell on the floor in this room but the camera failed to capture it during a different investigation.


We keep seeing green balls of light in the back of the room and near the hallway. Some of the residents have witnessed these lights as well. Team member Sharon Day wrote about this in a recent article on this site. Click on the link below to see her article:



We have found out something unusual about this building. It has another part attached to it from a different historical mining town close by. Does this potent historical cocktail contribute to the hauntings?  Possibly. Two different buildings in one?

What is really interesting about this structure that we found out is that when you place a large group of investigators inside for a controlled EVP session, no evidence is captured. However, the activity escalates when a smaller group investigates after the larger group. In other words, human energy might be the trigger for activating activity here among other factors. This is not a pattern anymore. It’s happened four straight investigations.

We have captured EVP, disembodied phenomena, and object movement at this location. The next step is to try and activate an apparitional experience. We will keep you all updated on this story.





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