Paranormal Clusters

*This post is written by team member Sharon Day*


Paranormal Clusters (aka Portals): Localized areas where a lot of seemingly unrelated phenomena occurs.

It behooves researchers to go into their research open to all reported unusual happenings in that area, not just the focus of their research. For example, a Bigfoot researcher should also be amenable to finding out if spooklights are reported in the woods, “ghosts” in the woods, UFO sightings there, and all other forms of unexplained activity, as well as taking good notes on Native Culture in the area and geology.

types of activity to look for

missing people

reports of lost time

UFO sightings

spooklights in the sky or woods

legends by Natives and locals about the area

voices in the woods

“ghosts” in the woods

sightings of Bigfoot, wee folk, other cryptids

unusual killings/unusual bones displayed

unusual circles where trees don’t grow

areas known for clusters

Bennington Triangle – Vermont

Skinwalker Ranch – Utah

Bridgewater Triangle – Massachusetts

Hoia Baciu – Romania

Devil’s Cemetery – Siberia

Nahinni Valley – Western Canada

Mt. Shasta – California

Hoia Baciu

Devil’s Cemetery – Russia

This year, I plan to tackle the cluster situation more and more, looking at commonalities in the features in those areas, whether it’s native history, geology, waterways, cave systems, minerals….

Expect many more posts on para clusters. 

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  1. delchay says:

    Nice article Sharon. Clusters might be gateways…..


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