Arizona Cemeteries Reporting Paranormal Activity: Skull Valley

skull Valley cemetery


By Jim Kelly



Situated in between Bagdad and Prescott, AZ,  on the upper plateau that separates desert from forest lies a very small but very strange cemetery in the small town of Skull Valley. I am not a big proponent of investigating cemeteries, but the tales of ghostly apparitions and dark shadowy figures have been seen by many that visit the location.


In 1915, Native American bones belonging to a Chieftain were discovered during construction of a well.


Two local Native American tribes were involved in a bloody battle over food between the Yavapai and Pima Indians in 1865 that ended in many deaths.


I did an investigation of this cemetery built next to Skull Valley a few years ago. The cemetery is fenced in to protect the graves and of course help keep all of the wildlife that inhabits the region out.


I rigged the location with audio, and then sat quietly near the rear of the cemetery watching the entire area. About two hours later I saw a large ball of light shoot out of the ground near a nest of tombstones near the middle of all of the grave sites and it nearly made me fall right out of my chair!

skull valley sunset
Sunset at the Skull Valley Cemetery.

I inspected the scene but found no evidence of anything that had taken place. I checked all of my audio but nothing at all was captured. I estimate the size of the ball of light to be about the same size of a basketball and I had never seen anything like that before or since.

Site of large ball of light
Exact location where the large ball of light came out of the ground then vanished at the Skull Valley cemetery. This was taken just minutes after the incident.

If you go to Skull Valley, take warm weather gear and if you record sound you might want to invest in some wind socks for your microphones since the wind always seems to blow hard at night.


If you know of any more stories or paranormal accounts please write to me. I would like to keep track of all the information on this very odd place….





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