Book List For New Paranormal Investigators

Here is a short book list for newcomers learning investigation going into the field of the paranormal. Before you even venture out into the world in becoming a paranormal investigator, it is important to read and research the information and patterns of knowledge learned from others. These are the books that will help you on your path. If you become an investigator without researching the subject first, you will set yourself up for defeat and most likely tire of the subject quickly and leave the field entirely.

If you conduct paranormal investigations the best tool to have on an investigation is not a  video camera, audio recorder, ghost-box, EMF meter, or any other flashing, talking tool. The best tool to have is a knowledgeable, well read investigator that has a passion for their craft and a need to try and help people as well. Many thanks to Joe for teaching me that!

My big influences in the field are Dr. William Roll and his work on the poltergeist phenomenon. Paul Eno is a hero in paranormal investigation and his theories on the multiverse theory versus standard beliefs of life after death are groundbreaking in the field. In fact, when I was a case manager I heavily relied on his theories and case histories on controlling hauntings when giving advice to clients in need of help. All of his books should be studied by paranormal enthusiasts and young investigators.


If you have interest in becoming a UFO investigator, then Dr. Kevin Randle is the person you want to study. In my time with MUFON ( Mutual UFO Network) there was no other researcher I trusted more.

And one more thing, you don’t have to believe everything a researcher or author is saying. The key here is to take pieces of information from each and apply it in your own investigations and expertise! Here is my list. (All of these books can be found on Amazon or Ebay.)


An Experience of Phantoms by D. Scott Rogo


Communicating With the Dead by Jeff Belanger


Investigating the Paranormal by Tony Cornell


A Paranormal Casebook by Lloyd Auerbach


The Poltergeist by Dr. William Roll


The Poltergeist Phenomenon By Michael Clarkson


Phone Calls From the Dead by D. Scott Rogo


Faces in the Window by Paul Eno


Footsteps in the Attic by Paul Eno


Will Storr Versus the Paranormal: One Man’s Search for the Truth About The Paranormal  By Will Storr



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