Arizona Cemeteries Reporting Paranormal Activity- Verde Flats- AKA The Vulture Mine Cemetery, Arizona

vulture mine cemetery
The Vulture Mine Cemetery at sunset

The Vulture Mine Cemetery is located just down the road from the Vulture Mine. There are mostly graves of children at the site who passed away from the influenza outbreak of 1918 that took millions of lives globally.

vulture mine assay
The Vulture Mine Assay house where gold was measured and stored.

The Vulture mine was founded in 1863 by Henry Wickenburg who later sold it to a mining company. It was once the largest producing gold mine in Arizona but the amount of theft, Apache and bandit attacks, and internal theft of gold and silver closed the operation several times. The U.S. Army had to move into the area to restore order but was caught stealing gold ore as well. The mine was eventually closed in 1942 and sold to a local, who turned it in to a historical location where people could tour the many buildings located on the 1.5 mile area. A stamp mill, Assay house, bordello, hanging tree, generator building and two schoolhouses are still left on the property. The mine

In 2004, Chris, the former caretaker of the mine, told me a story of a local who visited the cemetery during the day to take a break and to have a quick lunch since the cemetery is just off of the highway and is a very peaceful place to visit.

After lunch, he shut his eyes and drifted off to a lite sleep when he suddenly was awakened by pounding at his car window. When he opened his eyes he saw an obviously deceased little boy dressed in miner type period clothing standing at his car window smiling at him. The boy then turned around and began running back into the cemetery only to vanish when he entered the cemetery gate.

The cemetery is taken care of by several volunteer groups. This web site has the listing of graves on site:


I have investigated the cemetery for audio research but never captured any evidence. However, an investigator that was with me on an investigation saw a small boy running through the back of the cemetery and out into the desert.






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