How to Master an EVP Session

EVP EXP omni mic


How To Master an EVP Session:


By Jim Kelly


Any type of recording device can capture paranormal sounds or voices, but what do you need to help increase the chances of capturing credible EVP evidence on recording devices during an investigation?

Environmental Control: This is the most abused aspect of any paranormal investigation. You can watch any paranormal show and see how this aspect is violated. You will notice multiple investigators in small homes or buildings wondering around aimlessly with recorders in their hands making sounds and noises that they confuse with the paranormal when checking their evidence after the investigation. Some paranormal teams will place an investigator on the floor above them and conduct an EVP session not realizing that they have only recorded a human voice through the walls. The investigative team should be sitting quietly during the EVP session together, and the less noise you make the better.


Checking all doors and windows to make sure they are locked is another control feature that you should employ if possible. It ensures that there is no hoaxing going on and preserves the integrity of the investigation scene. If you have broken windows, place a recording device next to it to capture any outside noises that might come from the outside.


When asking questions, keep them short and to the point. Don’t confuse the phenomenon by asking multiple questions all at once. Most EVP responses occur between two to five seconds after the question has been asked. If you are talking too much you might capture an EVP response at the same time you are speaking, and it can be almost impossible to make out what the EVP is saying.


Using multiple audio recorders is the way to confirm or debunk EVP evidence. You must be careful because in my experience and research, some EVP can be imprinted on to more than one recorder at the same time, especially if they are placed close together. I was involved in one case where I captured a paranormal voice telling me to “ Leave” on a recording device in the garage and at the same time that paranormal voice was imprinted on a recorder at the other side of the house in a bedroom closet bypassing four other recorders in it’s path.  This was the proof I needed to realize that EVP is imprinted on to recorders and does not act like normal sound at all when it travels through the environment.

You will find that a good number of EVP evidence is captured on only one recorder. If you place two recorders in each room, you can use this tactic to verify the authenticity of the EVP. If the sound captured is not on both recording devices but on just one, then you have verified the EVP as authentic.



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