Faraday Shields and EVP Capture- Experiment # 1

Faraday Shields and EVP Capture- Experiment # 1


I will use these cell phone/ radio frequency shields on audio recorders during each investigation from now on. The scientific community claims that EVP is nothing more than voices captured on the recorder by stray RF and cell phone transmissions as well as any other electronic communication pollution being received.


This experiment has been conducted before by other investigators. Dr. Gary Schwartz, an afterlife researcher, uses a Faraday cage in his on- going mediumship experiments while utilizing special microphones in sound proof rooms. This is detailed in his book “The Afterlife Experiments.” These Faraday cage versions are very expensive and could cost a great deal of money to construct.

farradaypouch site

In this on-going experiment, I will place an audio recorder inside of a Faraday shield, and then place another audio recorder close by with an Omni-directional dynamic microphone attached. If an EVP is captured by one of these recording devices, it should imprint on both of the recorders. If the EVP is captured on the recorder inside of the Faraday shield, then this would be a serious blow to skeptics claiming EVP is nothing but interference from outside communication sources. In my research, when you use multiple recording devices in a small room, the EVP captured usually imprints on multiple recording devices. Not always, but this does occur often, especially in small rooms. Make sure that both recorders are the same model and set to the same volume level.


We now have the Faraday technology to test this. These shields are available and affordable online. This is good news for EVP researchers. When I purchased my kit, I tested the shield by placing my cell phone inside the pouch and then used my hardline phone to call it.  My cell phone did not ring, proving that this shield performs the way it should. These shields divert the stray signals to the outside edge of the packets so they don’t penetrate the device you want to protect. These are the shields I am using:




We will track this from now on. Is the Faraday shield technology perfect? No. Not entirely, but nothing is infallible in today’s technology driven world.


Experiment Criteria:


Place two digital recorders in a room; stash one inside a Farraday shield while the other one in close proximity with a dynamic omni-directional microphone attached to it. Dynamic microphones seem to aid in producing stronger, clearer EVP. These are inexpensive and require no batteries. In fact the metal stand costs more than the microphone!

EVP EXP omni mic


Have two investigators sit together conducting a controlled EVP session. (See my EVP research paper under the EVP section of this web site for criteria during an EVP session.) Do not conduct the EVP session by yourself for this experiment.


After the EVP session, check both recorders and see if you captured an EVP, either a voice or unexplainable sound that was not heard during the controlled EVP session.

If you capture an EVP on both recorders, chances are you will hear a slight distortion of the EVP as it imprints and travels to the other recorder in the room. I started noticing this years ago during controlled investigations.

Send your results to me to record data on this project at azredant@aol.com and we will compare results. The key here is to accumulate data from different EVP researchers. What you will notice is that the EVP usually sounds slightly different after it imprints to another recorder. I want to track this information.


I will post all of my EVP captures utilizing the protocols of this experiment on this site unless I am conducting a private investigation. The time is now to learn more about the fantastic mystery of EVP!





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