Vulture Mine Video of Paranormal Footsteps

These footsteps were captured during my solo EVP session at the Vulture Mine schoolhouse in Arizona. This building has no attic or basement and I was in the middle of the schoolhouse when these footsteps passed by me and out the back door to my left. I saw nothing. It was not until I reviewed the audio that I realized this was indeed paranormal footsteps. This incident happened in March, 2006.


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  1. janowrite says:

    This is an interesting topic. Footsteps appear to be a fairly common manifestation in haunted places. I once lived in a haunted house: during a dinner gathering, we and our company heard footsteps and doors opening and closing upstairs (no one was up there). Also, when working in a parish church in Oxfordshire, (which was a big open space inside), I was there alone very early one morning and heard footsteps. It was quite creepy. Both buildings were very old, the first a house in Maine (200years) and the church was built ca. 1200.


  2. delchay says:

    This schoolhouse is the most active location at the Vulture Mine. I once was teaching an EVP class inside of this building at night when I looked up and saw an outline of a figure step into the doorway and peer to the left. The student next to me saw the same thing. These footsteps were totally unexpected. Thank you for posting I have more content coming soon.We just went online earlier this week!


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