Just Say NO to Orbs!


Just Say No to Orbs!


I don’t want to spend a great deal of time on this subject but do you remember in the early 1990’s when cell phone cameras began producing orb photos and many people, (especially paranormal investigators) began to believe that these little orbs were spirits? Science soon debunked this as bugs or dust too close to the camera. Well, science got it right as it turned out.


I captured this orb during an investigation.  It was monsoon season and just after a dust storm in the greater Phoenix area. The camera I was using specializes in not producing orb type photos. In fact, out of about two thousand photos that I have taken with this camera, it only produced three orbs.

Bugs and dust is not the only thing in the air floating around us on a continuous basis. Plant fibers, sand clusters, condensation, rain drops, and other things you and I can’t really see well by the naked eye can produce the same type of effect when the flash from a camera bounces off of an object too close to the lens. If you don’t believe me, just take a high powered flash light, turn it upside down pointing it towards the ceiling inside of a room, walk around the room several times then start taking flash photos of the flashlight beam and you will photograph many orbs using this technique.


Here is some picture taking tips while conducting an investigation.


Always take two photos of the same area. If something unusual happens in one photo, say something paranormal, it probably will not be in the control photo, which means it is better evidence.

Don’t take pictures with the sun directly in front of you or above you. Always take photographs with the sun at your back during the daytime or you will photograph daytime orbs, or lens flare images. The sun can wreak havoc with the internal iris of the camera causing all sorts of ghostly type images which are entirely explainable.


For more detailed information about digital orbs and other photographic artifacts, click on the link below:



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