By Jim Kelly



There are a so many paranormal teams with different techniques to help people who believe that they might be experiencing paranormal activity that it can be confusing to try and decipher what could be the best method for you to try.


We have found that many of our methods have been effective in past cases. These are some general things everyone should try if they believe that they might be having any type of paranormal issues:

Paranormal Advice:




  • Keep a journal for at least a month and list anything you might believe to be of a paranormal nature that is happening to you and your family. Date and time of each occurrence is important since most paranormal activity can have a distinct pattern. This information is vital to a future investigation if one is needed.
  • Stress can be a factor in reports of a haunting. We found that in every case we classified as a possible haunting, there was some underlying psychological family dynamic that could have been a contributing factor to the paranormal activity. Keep all of the drama, arguing and negativity out of the house. Fill your home with love and laughter and believe it or not, that might help the situation you find yourself in. A good technique to use is music! About an hour before bedtime, play soothing music throughout the home to calm the environment down. This is a very effective tool to use to control hauntings. Paranormal activity can feed off of negativity being generated in the home. Our case studies support this theory.
  • Take your house back! This is a simple but very effective tool in combating the paranormal. Have two people walk into each room of the house and in a very loud and commanding voice tell whatever is in the home to get out of the house and not come back, that this is your home and they are not welcome here. This simple but effective measure has been very successful for many of our clients. Do not try this alone and there should only be two people in the home when this task is done.
  • Place a Bible or book from the faith you follow, and put it in the area that you feel has experienced the most paranormal activity. You can use multiple books as well or blanket the house with them if that is what you wish. We found that in several cases, this calmed down the activity in the home.
  • Have your home blessed by a priest or holy man of your faith. This might be the most effective measure to take to eliminate paranormal activity from your life. However, it might take multiple blessings to take care of the issue.


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