EVP AUDIO CLIPS- Gallery # 1- Our Most Active Location

On Gallery # 1 you will hear audio evidence from our most active location. We investigated this private home for over 4 years. The house was rich with audible phenomenon.  I will include these clips on a future case study article and include more information and add some pictures of the site. This is where I began to track how EVP imprints on multiple recorders in the same location. Turn on your computer speakers to full volume and you should have no trouble hearing these clips. Make sure you read each caption before you listen to the sound files or they might not make sense to you.


We were setting up for an EVP session on the backyard patio table. I was just turning on the recorders situated around the table. Upon playback we captured the sound of a singing child in the background below starting at six seconds on the clip as we spoke. No children were living in the home.



On the clip below there were two of us staying all night in this house alone conducting audio and video experiments. You will hear me urge the phenomena to follow us to their “Favorite Place,” as we were walking down the hall. At the end of the clip you will hear a paranormal voice repeating “Favorite Place”  mimicking me. This is when I realized that some EVP is not radio and cell phone bleed capture as the scientific community would lead us to believe.



In this next clip, we were experiencing some bizarre  interaction with an EMF meter all throughout the night. I jokingly asked ” You like my meter don’t you?” Then you will hear a “Yes” EVP confirming that. This was captured in the kitchen on a recorder while we were in the den down the hall. We had audio situated throughout the house that night for imprint testing.



In this clip you will hear the investigator asking if there were “Any questions you would like to ask us?” What followed was a disembodied moan that filled the house and was captured on all of the recorders while I was watching the investigator on a DVR system in back of the house. This was truly bizarre.




This next clip is yet another bizarre example of audible phenomena captured the same night as the clip above. We were trying to get the phenomena to move a ball in front of a video camera. On this clip you will hear a frog croaking then a paranormal voice say. ” Did you hear that?” a few seconds later you will hear the investigator ask ” Will you roll the ball for me?”  We know it was not the investigator because  we had other recorders in the room that did not capture this croaking noise, then the paranormal voice. We never experienced such a strange case before. The investigator was in the room alone while I was watching him on the DVR system in the back of the house. No one else was in the home. Click on the link below to hear this strangeness:




This is my favorite EVP from this location. An investigator and myself were positioned in the small den just down the hallway from the kitchen where the client reported hearing voices as she worked. You will hear me talking about the meter beeping sequence and how we changed it up….requesting two beeps for yes and so forth which happened earlier in the evening. Then you will hear the first paranormal voice correcting me at the four second mark on the clip saying “No” then a second later you will hear an obviously annoyed paranormal voice say “No!” once again at the five second mark. This conversation concludes with the other investigator saying ” I don’t know” at the end of the clip answering my question. Getting two responses in an EVP clip is very rare. Another sign of a well designed un-explainable intelligence in the home. These paranormal comments were not captured on the other recorder in the room. That is how we can verify this EVP as valid evidence.




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